Over the years we have been so lucky to have great puppy buyers who have been active with their dog. Particularly in dog shows, obedience, blood tracking and hunting.

We think it is appropriate to show our gratitude for this and hopefully inspire more of our puppy owners to be active with their dogs and try some of the exciting branches in the dog sports.

We have therefore initiated Støtvigen CUP (a cup we will conduct every year).

We have set up statutes for: Dog shows, Hunting Trials / Working Test, Tracking (blood) Tests, Obedience and Agility / Jumping.

We add up the points each participating dog has accumulated during the year and the 5 dogs with the highest scores will be awarded with "Støtvigens Award". The dog with the highest total score will get be named the "Støtvigen Dog of the Year".

Dogs who achieves a titel we will be recognized with "Støtvigens Honorary Award".

We hope more of you will find this exciting, because it's fun and rewarding to work with your dog, working in teams and see what can be achieved! Good Luck!

PS For those who own a Støtvigen dog and want the Statutes sent, please notify Trude's inbox on FB or email.