My name is Trude E. Støtvig, married to Stig and we have a son - Karl Kristian. We live at Nordre Vik in Horten, Vestfold. Since both my husband and myself grew up with dogs, it seemed natural for us to expand our family with these four-legged friends.

Our first dog was purchased in 1996. She was a beautiful German Shepard we called Cassandra. Unfortunately, she only lived to be two years old.

The sorrow was great and heavy to bear, so it was not long before we decided to bring a new puppy into our home. Since I had grown up with Golden Retrievers, I wished to go ahead with this breed this time. It was not a bad choice, quite the opposite! They are an unbelievably obedient, likeable, fast learning, family friendly breed. In 1999 we ended up with a beautiful little female from Kennel Willemo. Her full name is Willemo’s Karoline but we call her Zita. She is one of our foundation bitches.

The thought is to keep one puppy from each litter. Unfortunately, we can not keep all the dogs here where we live so we are glad for the foster homes we have today and would appreciate hearing from other dog lovers who might be interested in doing this for us in the future. If it becomes actual, the request for a foster home will be announced on the first page of our website.

Our goal is to breed healthy, harmonic goldens and according to the breed standard. A golden can be used for many different purposes, so here it is just common sense that sets the boundaries!